25 | he/they | gray-homo aromantic | type 1 diabetic
hello! i'm parrot! i do various things around the internets. i play some video games (some even fast!), i make some music, and i tweet a lot (probably arguably too much). i also do some hobbyist programming stuff and (as you can probably see) some hobbyist web design. i'm also a linux user! (arch btw)
i've been involved in the furry fandom since 2010 and i have 3 sonas! my rexouium (pictured: left), my gryphon, and my toxtricity pokésona. i love and cherish all of them equally :3
i listen to a lot of electronic music! my music tastes range from flowy, chilled out lofi all the way up to feet-stomping head-banging frenchcore. i love finding new artists to follow too, if you have any suggestions, send 'em my way!
i play (some) video games! you'll usually see me in beat saber, warframe (MR27, my lobbies are (usually) always public, feel free to drop in!), or vrchat, and occasionally in rocket league (peaked at champ 3 in 3's (S14) and champ 2 in dropshot (S15)). i also do a little bit of speedrunning!
i'm an introvert! i don't do well in large social groups and feel much more comfortable with smaller groups of close friends. that doesn't mean i'm not up for a conversation! feel free to hit me up on discord or telegram if you want. or if you see me streaming, feel free to drop in the chat and say hello!
i live with my sergal/bat/elf boyfriend in central north carolina (US, GMT-4). feel free to tell him he's cute (because he is).