hi :3c

i had more stuff here a little bit ago but it was old and outdated, and it didn't have much traction either. constantly forgot to update it, too. :(

if you're here, i bet you're probably looking for my music, or my stream overlays (which are free to use! i don't charge for them or sell your data or what have you. it's just there!)

anywho if you want to know more about me, i'm a twitch streamer, a bedroom music producer also-kinda-sorta audio engineer, hobbyist programmer, an arch linux user (btw), and i strongly enjoy rhythm gaming more than any other genre of game. i'm also a community curator for community-made maps on beat saber, a vr rhythm game about slicing flying blocks timed to music. charity work is also something i do from time to time! i'm an ambassador for JDRF's Game2Give team, helping raise funds for type 1 diabetes reasearch and support (i've had it myself for over 2 decades now!).

i'm currently in my late-twenties, and am married to my swooshy <3. i feel more comfortable identifying myself as aro-ace, but lean homo on both fronts. i use he or they pronouns, but don't feel completely satisified with the gender binary as a whole, even in the middle. kinda like i'm a 3D point in space on a 2D grid. my political/societal/environmental beliefs lean hard left (capitalism is a disease, insulin should be free for all, trans rights are human rights, black lives matter).

oh right i'm also a raging furry, i almost forgot. haha how silly of m

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